Seminole Heights

The Brewery

The Name

Everybody has an angry chair, be it work, a traffic jam, or where else. Angry Chair Brewing is about the realization that you have one and the celebration that you can get away from it. We come from a corporate background where we associated these places as our “angry chair” so we wanted to establish a brewery and tasting room to break away from the monotony, the rat race, the white collar world, or wherever your angry chair is.

Everyone has an angry chair. We revel in discovering it, and then getting away from it. Where’s your Angry Chair?

The People

  • Ryan

    Declared the 2011 World Champion Docker. Favorite beer of all time is Sconnie. Still thinks Ron Dayne will be a superstar in the NFL (just needs the right opportunity). Has a head size that makes hatmakers weep… Exactly!

  • Shane

    One of the few men to admit that Smurfette is hot…smoking hot. His favorite action movie is “The Notebook.” Thinks a cicerone is a type of panini. Still uses Dep extra hold gel…with shine. Favorite sport is competitive Frisbee toss Dutch-style. He pronounces everything how its spelled. Most of all, loves flavored malt beverages.

  • Ben

    Former pilot brewer at Cigar City Brewing. Current pilot brewer/non-pilot brewer/head cellarman/head of packaging/director of ridiculous laughs/bass player at Angry Chair Brewing.

  • Broseph aka Lonestar
    Broseph aka LonestarBartender

    Life ambition is to star in the CATS musical. Is part of the Hillsborough County work release program. His favorite Restaurant is the Dollar Store Cafe, Fish Fry Friday to be precise. Boxers or Briefs is the wrong question. Thinks a toothbrush can be used to clean more than your teeth. President of the Celine Dion ultimate fan club. The name lonestar was given to him due to his overwhelming one star reviews on Yelp and the alike.

    The Beers

    The ultimate plan at Angry Chair Brewing is to brew beers that we like to drink. Right now we like to drink more sessionable styles: hoppy pale ales, Berliner weisses, low ABV saison, and other easy-drinkers. We plan to lean on these styles for our core beers. However, one thing we absolutely believe to be true is that the public will be choosing our “core” beers for us: if you like the beer, we will keep brewing it.

    We’re going to have an extensive barrel-aged program as well, especially for sour beers.

    We definitely hate being boring and doing boring stuff so you can look forward to experimentation and unique projects.

    The Brewery

    We have a 10 bbl brewhouse with three 30 bbl fermenters, one 15bbl fermenter, one 10 bbl fermenter and two 5bbl fermenters. 125 bbl of fermentation capacity. To start we plan to package everything on draft only with extremely limited bottles.

    We have a 1,000 ft tasting room where you will find all of our beers, seasonals, and beers from other Florida breweries. We will provide growlers to go, merchandise for sale, and creepy old dudes at the end of the bar.

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