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The Beers

You’re probably here for the stouts, that’s what we are most known for. There’s no line we won’t cross in that area, and we appreciate the love we receive for our interpretations of that style. With beer, you’re always learning, experimenting, and tweaking something. We consider our beers forward thinking, and we don’t always brew to style. Somehow we won a gold medal for our pilsner though, so we can follow the rules if we want to.

We don’t intend on being a one-note brewery and are constantly pushing ourselves to do more. At any given time our tap list will feature a variety of styles, stouts, and IPAs being more common, but we make a lot of sours and porters as well. We don’t serve flights but do have 5oz. pours. Our staff is very knowledgeable and can help you find the perfect beer for your taste.

The Brewery

We have a 1,900 sq. ft. brewery filled with as much stainless as we could possibly squeeze in there. We also have a 2,000 sq. ft. barrel house across the street.

We brew beer, we age beer, we bottle beer, we’re gonna can beer, and we definitely drink beer.

What is your Angry Chair?

Everyone has an angry chair, even if you think you don’t… you do, trust us. You don’t like sitting in traffic after a long day at the office? That’s your angry chair. You can’t stand listening to people talk while chewing on their food? That’s your angry chair. You have one spot of hair on your head that just stands up all crazy no matter how much gel you put on it and it makes you want to rip all of it out? Angry chair!

The angry chair is symbolic of a place, time, or situation that you have experienced. It is something you have had to overcome or something that sparked a change in your lifestyle. Your angry chair is unique and is something only you can conquer.


1,000 sq. ft.
16 taps. Crowlers.
Usually empty bottle cooler.
Lots of wood. Lots of metal.
Look at those exposed beams, much wow.

Check it out.

The People



Head Brewer

Ben is our head brewer. If you’ve never seen him, it’s probably because he works odd hours like 1:34AM-1:42AM and 3:18AM-5:16AM. Ben leaves a thick trail of vape smoke everywhere he goes and he mostly rambles on about artisanal coffee or slapping bass. Voted “Most likely to tell you his back hurts or that he has to go home and get some rest” in high school.



Tasting Room Manager

Life ambition is to star in the CATS musical. Is part of the Hillsborough County work release program. His favorite restaurant is the Dollar Store Cafe, Fish Fry Friday to be precise. Boxers or Briefs is the wrong question. Thinks a toothbrush can be used to clean more than your teeth. President of the Celine Dion ultimate fan club. The name Lonestar was given to him due to his overwhelming one star reviews on Yelp and the like.



Tasting Room

One half of the gruesome twosome, as this picture shows, we aren’t sure if she is the better half or not. When not at Angry Chair you can find her shoeless at local gas stations selling dream catchers and magic crystals. She has star tattoos on her face cause she was a part of a My Little Pony gang, don’t ask her about it, she took an oath of silence.




Jordan aka Heights Hero, just signed a multi-year contract with Aveda Hair Products. When he is not brewing you can find him scalping Billy Joel tickets near Raymond James Stadium, even when he is not in concert. The best third of Late Start Brewing, our newest local T-shirt brewery.



Merchandise/Tasting Room

Expects her theme music to play when she enters the Tasting Room. Still crushing beer cans against her forehead. Known to break up yoga sessions at breweries. She doesn’t math too good but she can pour beer without spilling it. If you compliment her she will slap your drink right out of your hand.



Tasting Room

Scott aka Mush. Our NOS energy drink guzzling bartender, most known for his charming personality and extensive knowledge of classical poetry, which he recites on the reg. Once dated a life-sized poster of Nikita Kucherov. The other half of the gruesome twosome. Yells at hurricanes as if they are real people, really disliked Irma.



Brewer/3rd Shift Keg Washer

Has an insatiable thirst for mayonnaise and coffee, specifically in that order. Once consumed 9 dozen oysters in a sitting then proceeded to vomit on his estranged grandmother. Took this guy with us on a work trip and he gained 19 pounds in ten days, no seriously, he did.




In 2014 his cranium was named the 9th planet in our solar system. Smaller celestial bodies can often be seen orbiting his 72” head. So desperate to wear a fedora in high school, in an attempt to be cool, he sewed two together just to make it fit. Considers eating gingerbread men cannibalism.




One of the few men to admit that Smurfette is hot… smoking hot. His favorite action movie is “The Notebook.” Thinks a Cicerone is a type of panini. Still uses Dep extra hold gel… with shine. Favorite sport is competitive frisbee toss, Dutch-style. He pronounces everything how it’s spelled. Most of all, he loves flavored malt beverages.