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Do you sell beer to go?

Yes, we sell 750ml bottles (these are limited to our releases) and fill crowlers.

Where can I find your taplist?

It’s on our Taproom page and on Untappd.

Do you make anything other than stouts?

Actually we do, but they all look thin. We start out brewing a stout… then it turns into an IPA… tight!

I don’t live in Tampa, will you guys ship your beer to me?

No. It’s illegal bro.

Does X beer have lactose in it?

If we consider it an Imperial Sweet Stout, Imperial Porter, or Imperial Milk Stout… yes, it does. If you have further questions please contact [email protected].

Is your tasting room dog friendly?


Is your tasting room kid friendly?

Yes, as long as it’s on a leash. Lol jk that was for the dogs.

When do you release bottles?

When the beer is ready. Sometimes we announce the release and sometimes we put bottles in the cooler unannounced. All the cool kids call it a “silent release”. We always post once they are sold out on FB and Instagram.

Can I find your bottles in a store?

Nope, but you can find that Angry Orchard stuff in stores. (We’re not the same place, you know that right?)

How large is Ryan’s head?

We’re not even sure if he knows. He can barely find hats that fit that thing.

Do you have parking?

Barely. We have 4 spots in our lot and 8 more across Fern St. Please refer to our parking map but definitely DO NOT PARK ON FERN. It’s a thing.

Why the name Angry Chair?

Cause it sounds cool. Looks cool. Is cool. We don’t even listen to music, so it’s not what you’re thinking. We sit in silence… in chairs… whilst angry, no big deal.

Where can I find your beer?

In our tasting room. There’s a lot of rad bars around us that also carry our beer. If you want more specifics please email [email protected].

Do you distribute beers to X, Y, Z state?

Nope. We are a small brewery that has not begun the process of distributing out of state.

Do you have TVs?

Yes, we play the important sports things and/or B grade movies from Netflix. Have you ever seen Microwave Massacre? We have.

Are the chairs really angry?

You tell us. Err… pssshhh… of course they’re not! Chairs don’t have feelings.

Can we have a bottle share at your brewery?

For the most part, yes. Please don’t be a jerk and make a huge mess though. We’d also love a heads up, so please contact us beforehand on FB or Instagram. We do not allow bottle shares during events.

Why don’t you guys have games in the tasting room?

Because we don’t want to have to bail Shane out of jail again. He gets violent when it comes to life size jenga.

Who do I talk to about donations?

Do you throw any events?

We do. Check our Facebook and Instagram for more info. We always have our anniversary party, Ric Flair night, and Super Rad Rare Beer Event during Tampa Bay Beer Week.